Product Specifications

Is Sample Offered: Yes
OE Experience: Yes
PaymentType: T/T,MoneyGram,Western Union
CurrencyType: USD

Criterion Detail

Manufactuer:China Balin Parts Plant


Packaging Detail:as you want
Delivery Detail:3 days

Detailed Product Description

1. OE manufacturer 2. more than 10 years producing & exporting 3. TS16949 go with best quality 4. factory price 5 all life aftersale service


China Balin Parts Plant ( & ) is an old manufacturer for diesel injection parts with TS16949 guaranteed.CHINA-BALIN products include: pump nozzle tips,plunger barrels,elements,head rotors,d/v,control valves (9308-621c,9308z622b),etc.


The distributors & wholesalers also import the nozzles ( toberas ):

ADB140M184-7 NBM771234 4x0,33x140° Nozzle
ADB150M185-7 NBM771235 5x0,30x150° Nozzle
ADB140M186-7 NBM771236 5x0,30x140° Nozzle
ADB140M200-7 NBM771209 4x0,27x140° Nozzle
ADB140M202-7 NBM771210 4x0,34x140° Nozzle
ADB152M206-7 NBM770054 4x0,29x152° Nozzle
ADB150M208-7 NBM770049 4x0,36x150° Nozzle
ADB152M213-7 NBM770055 4x0,34x152° Nozzle
ADB160M215-7 NBM770047 6x0,30x160° Nozzle
ADB160M217-7 NBM770010 5x0.31x160° Nozzle
ADB140M219-7 NBM771214 5x0,29x140° Nozzle
ADB140M221-7 NBM771225 4x0,38x140° Nozzle
ADB140M222-7 NBM771226 4x0,32x140° Nozzle
ADB150M223-7 NBM771068 4x0,29x150° Nozzle
ADB160M225-7 NBM770022 4x0,35x160° Nozzle
ADB160M226-7 NBM770023 4x0,30x160° Nozzle
ADB150M228-7 NBM770050 4x0.36x150° Nozzle
ADB150M230-7 NBM771070 4x0,28x150° Nozzle
ADB140M231-7 771215 5x0,30x140° Nozzle
ADB160M 232-7 NBM 770028 4x0,34x160° Nozzle
ADB140M 233-7 771227 4x0,34x140° Nozzle

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