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BOSCH 0 241 235 567 Spark Plug

BOSCH 0 241 235 567
BOSCH 0 241 235 567
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    Part Number(s):0 241 235 567

    ProductName:Spark Plug

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3 matches found for "BOSCH 0 241 235 567"
  • spark plug BCP6ES PEUGEOT 5962.X5 PEUGEOT 5962.X5

    PEUGEOT 5962.X5,AC Delco CFR2CLS,Beru 14FR-6DU,Bosch FR7DCX,Champion C9Y

    OEM No.: PEUGEOT 5962.X5,AC Delco CFR2CLS,Beru 14FR-6DU

    Ref. NO.: 0 241 235 567

    Min. Order: 10000 Piece/Pieces order

    competitive price and high quality long warrant

    cixi wang's auto parts factory
    Zhejiang China (Mainland)
    Factory Size: 3,000-5,000 square meters
    No. of Employees: 101 - 200 People

    Management Certification:

    ISO 9001:2008
  • spark plug NGK BKR6E NGK BKR6E

    NGK BKR6E,AC Delco CFR2CLS,AC Delco 41-602,AC Delco FR2LSK,AC Delco FR1LS,AC Delco FR2LS,Accel 784,Autolite AR3923,Autolite 3923,Autolite 3924,Autolite 602,Beck Arnley 176-5226,Beru Z 15,Beru Z 23,Beru 14F-6DPUR02,Beru Z 24,Beru 14F-6DUOR,Beru 14FR-6DU,Beru Z 13,Beru Z 15,Beru Z 23,Beru Z 24,Beru 14F-6DSR,Beru Z 105,Beru 14F-7DUOR ,Beru 14FR-7DU,Beru Z 13,Bosch FR7DCX,Bosch F7DC0R,Bosch FR7LC2,Bosch FR6DC+,Bosch FR7DC,Bosch 13,Bosch FR7DC2,Bosch +13,Bosch F6DC0R,Bosch FR7DP,Bosch FR6DC,Bosch FR7DC+,Bosch FR6DC2,Bosch FR7DC0,Bosch +11,Bosch 8,Bosch FR7DC9,Bosch stk 7556,Brisk A-line 28,Brisk D15Y,Brisk DR15Z,Brisk D14Y,Brisk DR14ZC,Brisk DR15YC,Champion OE127,Champion RC12YC,Champion RC87LYC,Champion RC9YCC4,Champion 9GYSSR,Champion RC8YCC,Champion OE024,Champion OE002,Champion OE119,Champion RC10YCC,Champion 10R12A,Champion RC8YC,Champion RC9YCC,Champion RC9YC,Champion RC9Y,Champion OE005,Champion OE016,Champion stk 71,Champion stk 344,Citroen 59622X,Citroen 5962TO,Daihatsu 90048-51152,Daihatsu 9004851151000,Daihatsu 90048-51152-000,Daihatsu 90048-51151-000,Denso K20TT,Denso 3424,Denso VK20,Denso Q20PRU,Denso K20PRU,Denso K20PR-U,Denso 3333,Denso IK20,Denso K20PRUR,Denso 3145,Denso Iridium IK20,Denso Iridium stk 5304,Denso stk 3145,Eyquem RFC58LS,Eyquem RFC58LZK,Fiat 46480362,Fiat 5894586,Fiat 71711808,Fiat 7760383,Fiat 46417010,Fiat 9GYSSR,Fiat 464803620,Fiat 71711638,NGK stk 6962

    OEM No.: NGK BKR6E,AC Delco CFR2CLS,AC Delco 41-602

    Ref. NO.: 0 241 235 567

    Car make: 06-99 ACURA, 95-94 ALFA ROMEO, 95-90 ASTON MARTIN, 06-00 AUDI, 97-91 BMW, 07-05 CHEVROLET, 00-95 CHRYSLER, 06-96 DODGE, 98-95 EAGLE, 97-94 HONDA, 07-95 JAGUAR, 06-01 LEXUS, 07-97 LOTUS, 92-90 LOTUS, 04-98 MERCEDES, 07-91 MITSUBISHI, 98-95 NISSAN, 01-94 PL etc.

    Min. Order: 2000 Piece/Pieces order

    spark plugs E-BKR6/BKR6E A). In accordance with industry standards B). Factory prices C). Quality guaranteed

    Jiangmen Liben Auto Parts Industrial Co.,Ltd.
    Jiangmen GuangDong China (Mainland)
    Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
    No. of Employees: 101 - 200 People

    Management Certification:

    ISO 9001:2000
    ISO/TS 16949
  • Spark plug L6TC

    NGK BPMR 6 A

    OEM No.: NGK BPMR 6 A

    Ref. NO.: 0 241 235 567

    Min. Order: 5000 Piece/Pieces order

    OEM brand offered Isopressed ceramic Copper core center electrode 100% testing rate during process

    Zhejiang China (Mainland)
    No. of Employees: 51 - 100 People

    Management Certification:

    ISO 9001:2000

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